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Our Story


Finding Inspiration in Every Paw


Welcome to K9 Movement, where our passion for animals and sports come together to create a unique and enriching experience for your furry friends. I'm Emma Vazquez, the founder of K9 Movement, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share our journey with you.

From a young age, I found myself drawn to various breeds of dogs and cats, fostering a deep love and care for them. As I got more involved in animal rescue and relocation, I learned the true power of kindness, love, and patience in helping these wonderful creatures reach their fullest potential.

Sports have also played a significant role in my life, from captaining basketball teams to competing in 5K, 10K, and half marathon races. The connection with nature, animals, and people fueled my desire to combine my two passions into something extraordinary.

Thus, K9 Movement was born, a place where we offer top-notch services such as dog training, dog walking, house sitting, and convenient drop-ins in the Halton and surrounding areas. We understand that each animal is unique, and we tailor our services to meet the individual needs of your pet, providing the best customer service possible.

Meet My Pack

Now, let me introduce you to the heart and soul of K9 Movement, my beloved pack.


Casper, an affectionate and well-mannered feline, embodies the perfect gentleman. When I adopted him, the breeder told me he was a Siamese, lynx point, snow shoe Balinese, but the vet believed he was a Siberian cat. At the end of the day, he's simply my fur baby, and he brings joy and comfort to everyone around him.

Bonita, our courageous and resilient Siamese lynx point, has a truly inspiring story. When we adopted her, we were told she was 10 weeks old, but she turned out to be only 3 weeks. We fought hard to nurse her back to health, and she proved to be a fighter with a strong character. Despite her challenging start, she now reigns as the queen of our house, with a zest for life that touches our hearts.


Angel, a high-energy and loving rescue, has a heartwarming tale of survival. Abandoned in an apartment when she was just a few months old, she was left without food for a long period. Fortunately, she was rescued from a high-killing shelter in Georgia, and she found her forever home with us. Her sweet and affectionate nature reminds us that love can heal even the deepest wounds.

Romeo, our resilient survivor, had a traumatic past when we adopted him from the same high-killing shelter as Angel. Extremely scared, skinny, and sick, Romeo's journey to recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. With love and care, he learned to trust and even overcame his fear of water to enjoy swimming. Today, he's a testament to the power of resilience and healing.

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